Same iPat, new design.

Yes, you’ve got it right. I’m back! In almost 1,5 year I haven’t uploaded anything to this website. All I had were the same, lame excuses: ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I’m too busy’ or ‘After work, I want to rest’. And on top of that, I haven’t had a clear goal and vision for this website, apart from keeping my Dutch family and friends updated about how things are going here. Time for a new start!

And see here: iPat is still alive (or better said: alive again). In all honesty: I still don’t have a clear vision and purpose

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App review: Tyme 2 – Time tracking made easy

When I started this blog, I made a promise to myself to keep it related to the three main subjects: travel, languages, and food. But since I discovered Tyme 2 and told a good friend about the fact that this app satisfies my needs, she unconsciously brought up the idea of writing a review. As she probably meant writing a review in the App Store, I thought about writing an app review on my blog. So, Tyme 2 will be the exception to the

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Miss Korea – Tasty Korean food in Amsterdam


First, I have to admit it: I miss Korea. I miss the culture and it’s people. But maybe most of all, I miss the food. Two of my friends, my sister and I had planned to eat out last Saturday at ManaMana. When one of my friends couldn’t make it, we decided to go Korean. Enthusiastic as I’ve become about the country and it’s food, I told them about all the flavours I tasted there. And because I miss Korea, we went to Miss Korea. Lucky for me they wanted to give it a try.

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Every start is difficult

Learning languages is something I love. At the moment, Hebrew has got my full attention. To improve my writing skills, I started this blog. In this way, people who know I’m learning the language can follow my progress. And people who are (or about to) learn an other language, can hopefully get

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