Miss Korea – Tasty Korean food in Amsterdam


First, I have to admit it: I miss Korea. I miss the culture and it’s people. But maybe most of all, I miss the food. Two of my friends, my sister and I had planned to eat out last Saturday at ManaMana. When one of my friends couldn’t make it, we decided to go Korean. Enthusiastic as I’ve become about the country and it’s food, I told them about all the flavours I tasted there. And because I miss Korea, we went to Miss Korea. Lucky for me they wanted to give it a try.

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ManaMana – Fancy Middle Eastern flavors in Amsterdam

Have you ever wondered where to find a really good restaurant in Amsterdam? There’s lots of places where you can grab a pizza for only € 5, or some Asian street food for approximately the same price. But when you’re looking for something different – something worthwhile – you need to look hard(er). Good food also seems to be expensive here. But there is one specific restaurant in town (it happens to be my favourite) that is well worth spending my money in: ManaMana.

Up until now, I think I’ve been there five or six times. And every time I

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