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Why reading App Store reviews makes me sad

Anyone who uses a smartphone on a regular basis, especially with iOS, probably knows the following situation: you browse the App Store and, let’s say for the purpose of this example, that you are looking for a To do-list application. You browse some options, see one that you think meets your expectations, both visually as well as the usability of it. Perhaps you get a free trial period first, but ultimately: you need to pay to keep on using this app. What a

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Dagboek voor papa – deel 2

Lieve pap,

Normaal gesproken huil ik niet zo snel in het openbaar. Eigenlijk nooit. Ik wil het niet, en ik kan het ook niet. Dacht ik. Tot donderdagavond.

Ehsun en ik hebben samen een film gekeken in de bioscoop. Voordat de film begon kwam er een Breitling-reclame voorbij. Ik weet nog hoe blij je met je Breitling was toen je die van mij voor verjaardag kreeg, nadat je oogkasamputatie voltooid was. Je hebt het tot op je laatste dag vol trots gedragen.

Die reclame raakte me al een beetje. Na de film, in de metro naar huis, brak ik plotseling.

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Dagboek voor papa – deel 1

Lieve pap,

Gisteren hebben we samen Ajax – PSV gekeken. Niet letterlijk samen, maar toch wel een beetje. Zoals je weet, heb ik jouw Ajax-shirt naar Zuid-Korea meegenomen. Die heb ik over de rugleuning van de bank gehangen met jouw foto erbij. Zodat naar Ajax kijken toch nog vertrouwd voelde.

De wedstrijd was niet om over naar huis te schrijven. Maar God, wat zou ik er graag over naar huis willen schrijven. Naar jou. Zoals we altijd deden. Tijdens wedstrijden lekker heen en weer appen. Onze meningen verkondigen over hoe de scheidsrechter altijd voor de tegenstander lijkt te fluiten, of

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Menstruation conversation is one of the taboos that we should break!


Most men are interested in the female body, especially when it comes to sexuality. But what is mostly undercovered in human interests, perhaps even in education, is menstruation. Yes, you read that right: The process in a woman’s body of discharging blood and other materials from the lining of the uterus at intervals of about one lunar month from puberty until menopause, except during pregnancy. Menstruation is an inevitable and very natural monthly “process”. Even in 2019, there is still a taboo on mentioning it or talking about it.

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Same iPat, new design.

Yes, you’ve got it right. I’m back! In almost 1,5 year I haven’t uploaded anything to this website. All I had were the same, lame excuses: ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I’m too busy’ or ‘After work, I want to rest’. And on top of that, I haven’t had a clear goal and vision for this website, apart from keeping my Dutch family and friends updated about how things are going here. Time for a new start!

And see here: iPat is still alive (or better said: alive again). In all honesty: I still don’t have a clear vision and purpose

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It has been quite quiet, and quite a while…


For anyone wondering if I am still alive: yes, I am. I have been doing pretty well, actually. It has been quite some time since I have updated my blog, and the fact that my last post is my goodbye video (that summarises my last few days in the Netherlands, and the goodbye at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport) almost painfully shows my lack of time management and priority setting. Or maybe writing for and updating my blog was not that much of a priority after all… Anyway, it’s time for you to read what has happened so far in the

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Seoulater! – A compilation of the last few days prior to my departure to South Korea

Due to all business I had to take care of (finding residence, settling down, and finding a job) I didn’t have much time to work on this video. But now I can finally say that it’s done, and I’m happy with the result. I owe a bog shoutout to my former colleague and good friend Rubin, who shot all the footage in his spare time, and was willing to share it with me!

in this post I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you very much to everyone I know worldwide, who contributed something to my life in any way over

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