Walking is better than any other form of transport

Have you ever wondered how transportation changed our daily lives? I have. It seems normal to travel by car, bus, train, boat, and even airplane. If I think about how this technology is serving us, I get a feeling that the world is quite small. We can reach almost every destination on this planet within a day (if not walking). And that’s great! So why walk?

Despite all these forms of transport, I still prefer walking. The only exception is when it’s raining and I don’t have an umbrella with me. Let me give you three reasons why walking is better than any other way people go from A to B.

  1. Walking is healthy. You probably hear all over the place that there’s a recommended 30 minutes per day of walking to keep you healthy.
  2. While you are abroad in a country you’ve never been before, you can get more familiar with your environment. For example: when I went to Tel Aviv for the first time, pretty much everything was closed on my arrival day as it was a holiday. And by closed, I mean: apart from a few restaurants, the whole city was pretty much resting. No shopping, no public transportation and even no people driving in their personal cars! My only option to get around, was walking. And that was awesome. I got to explore a big part of the city in a way I would have never been able to if I had taken a bus or taxi. When I returned later, I was still able to find my way around, without the use of a map!
  3. You have a better impact on the environment. Of course, taking a bus also contributes to having a better impact. And sure, some distances have to be done by transportation, otherwise it would either take too long to get there or it’s physically impossible (too tiring). But when we all try to walk as much as possible, with all of us every single day, I’m sure we can make this world – and our own physical condition – a little better.

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